Demi Plies: Awaken the Dancer

From Joel:

● Arms are engaged in the back

● Clavicles are wide open

● Ears are pulled up away from shoulders

● The arms have a long curve in all positions

● Fingertips are at the edge of the thighs when arms are en bas

● No break in the line of the wrist, relax the thumbs, shake the hands to relax them

● Back of the leg (6 deep rotators) engage

● If the knees are hyperextended the heels will be slightly apart

● The image of the "X" pulls the bottom of the left rib to the right hip crest and the bottom of the right rib to the left hip crest

From Jacki:

● Joel gives an in depth explanation of the demi, grand, tendu and passe that is worth watching more than once.

● The "S" sound stops at this point in the class. The dancer should now continue the initiation from the center without the aid of the exhalation.

● 4 counts to plie, 4 to straighten 4 times.

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